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What is poetry? Forget about  I wrote the  other day (”What Makes A Poet?”). It was a strategic 


deviation from the main   question. In the strict context of human language what is it?


2. Good poetry and bad poetry.  Does anything like that exist? What makes one as such and the other


otherwise?  Can poetry be called?


3.  Who is a writer and in what situations does it apply?


4. Between the poet and critic, who is right?


5. Does poetry transcend environment?


6. ”An art is a practical skill acquired through a long period of experience  without any form of


rigidity”  is one definition that I saw. In times that the arts is becoming more structured and school of


thoughts defined, is that the arts not science?


7. Is writing a calling? By who and for what?



Postscript : I will let you know if I find answers. Let me know yours just in case if you them.