Dreamscapes Of Sentences

Posted: July 29, 2014 in Essays
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Emotions are the canal, bridge that  makes or unmakes humanity. Two of them are progressive; hope and love. 

1.  Hope is the tender that allows us to legally pursue life .

There are times when we cling to hope, not because we don’t know, we can’t do, or even, that we haven’t seen better.

Those are the times when our being may not depend on it. 

–  Aisha Nelson, My Resonse.

2.  Love holds as a root of many.

i find you missing from my gallery of great African smiles
i have come to purchase yours, sun

here’s a cheque of thank you for being beautiful
allow me to be a merchant of honour

– Kwabena Agyare Yeboah, Dedication .

3.  In the middle, what conveys this is language 

I was particularly disturbed because I had read Barthes – in front of a photograph, our consciousness does not necessarily take a path of memory, but the path of certainty, the photograph’s essence is to ratify what it represents; no writing can give that certainty, because it is the misfortune of language not to be able to authenticate itself

–  Emmanuel Iduma, Trans-wander.

4.   But know what to say and where. 

If you go to a funeral with insults, you will be seen off with slaps

–   An Akan Proverb

5. Even death becomes a monument in life.

 They say life is a riddle
and the grave is a metaphor
for an infinite absence

– Rasaq Malik, The Grave 

6. Yet we still search.

Before your eyes

Maybe you hallucinate

Maybe you are on opiates

But this nothing

This gaping nothing

– Amma Konadu,  And Now . . .

7. Keep looking. Everyone is a storyteller. 

It doesn’t matter who hurt you, or broke you down, what matters is who made you smile again.

–  Female Struggles,  @tfemaleissues


Note: A re-construction of thoughts in an element of experimental narratives.  I extend what I know or pretend to know , as one that falls within the purview of human knowledge. Thank you to these artists, people for sharing what they know about life. 


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